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As has become tradition in League of Legends, a player from the winning team is to be interviewed post-match. But whether due to nerves, a lack of media training or a miscommunication between the host and the player, the Q&A can turn into a bizarre back-and-forth that ends up going viral.

Here are the 5 Most Awkward interviews in LoL History

5. Wait Wut?

Occasionally, it’s the not the player who’s at fault when an interview goes off the rails. After a 2-0 week in which Team Liquid beat Phoenix1 and NRG, Matt joined Rivington for the post-match interview and was caught off guard by the line of questioning.

4. The Oddbros

Of all the duos in League of Legends, few were more loved, and none was more bizarre, than the Oddbros, TheOddOne and MapleStreet. Whether it was Brian doing “The General” things, or Ainslie raising his shoes in victory, the two are responsible for several memorable, and awkward moments…

3. Exit Stage Left?

After advancing to the finals of the Regional CIS Championship, Gaming Gear EU’s mid laner, Mazzerin joined Sjokz on stage for the standard post-win interview. Although the Q&A portion went smoothly, his departure from the stage was hard to watch.

2. Suicidal Tendencies

The strangest interview hands down goes to LemonNation and Balls. All the way back when they were on Quantic Gaming, they had struggled to qualify for the LCS. But eventually, after a win over Complexity in the 2013 Summer Promotion tourney, Lemon and Balls spoke to Phreak about finally making it to the big dance.

1. ???????????

Worlds 2017 was the biggest stage that iBoy has seen. For the 17 year old Edward Gaming Ad Carry, not only was it his first international tourney, but also his first time doing a live interview with a translator. Unfortunately for iBoy, the lengthy gap between the questions, and his answers, puts this interview in the top spot.

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All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games.


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