Resident Evil 3 Remake Weapon Parts Guide: Where To Find Each Upgrade

Resident Evil 3 Remake makes it clear right from the outset that you’re in for a tough fight against the undead and Umbrella Corporation’s unstoppable bio-weapon, Nemesis. It will be tough to survive in Raccoon City, but in traditional survival horror fashion, you’ll be able to find an assortment of items and weapons to help even the odds. However, some are more challenging to locate than others, and they can make all the difference in surviving your encounters with the deadly bio-weapon.

Just like in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, you can find special upgrades for Jill and Carlos’ weapons. With this in mind, GameSpot has put together a quick guide that details how to find all of the available gun parts to find throughout Resident Evil 3.

Jill's starter weapon, the G19 Handgun.
Jill’s starter weapon, the G19 Handgun.

Jill’s G19 Handgun

Handgun Dot Sight: This upgrade can is located in the art storage room across from the Kite Bros Subway Office in Downtown. Inside the storage room is a locked safe, and next to it is a note from the dead owner. This note will give you a clue on how to unlock the safe, which will take you to the nearby Drugstore, which is next door to the Kite Bros. office. In the back of the store is an Aqua Cure poster, which has three numbers circled–this is the combination key for the safe. Head back to the art storage room and unlock the safe to get the handgun dot sight, which will increase accuracy for the G19. | For convenience, if you want access to the safe, then the combination is left 9, right 1, left 8.

Extended Magazine and Handgun Moderator: Both of these upgrades drop from Nemesis. Once it has taken enough damage, it’ll drop an Umbrella storage case, which houses ammo and upgrades. The tricky part about this is that the drops are tied to the current point of the story, so if you wait too long to take him out, you’ll miss out on certain upgrades. Also, the drops are only available during the Downtown section of the game, so they can be easy to miss.

There are two opportunities to do this: The first is during the chase immediately after the Power Station (which will give you the Extended Magazine), and the second is when Nemesis chases Jill once again after infecting zombies with the parasite, right outside the Donut Shop (which will drop the Moderator). The best way to knock Nemesis out are the various explosive barrels scattered around. Once he gets close enough, shoot the barrel to take him down easily. Remember, these are the only two opportunities to get the upgrades, so if you miss one or both of them and progress the story, you won’t be able to get them at all.

Jill's shotgun, found in the Kite Bros. Subway Office.
Jill’s shotgun, found in the Kite Bros. Subway Office.

Jill’s M3 Shotgun

Tactical Stock: This upgrade is the second reward you can get from the Kite Bros. Monument in the Subway station entrance. Scattered across Downtown are three different Fancy Boxes housing Red, Green, and Blue jewels. To find all three, you’ll need the lockpick and bolt cutters. The first one is located in the Donut Shop’s backroom, while the other two are located in the chained up Grocery Store (opened with the Bolt Cutters) and the locked Toy Store (opened with the Lockpick). Once you have all the jewels, insert them into the statue in the subway to get a grenade, the Shotgun upgrade, and a hip pouch. This upgrade will increase the overall accuracy of the Shotgun.

Semi-Auto Barrel: After the first boss fight with Nemesis, you’ll reach Kendo’s Gun Shop. Check the shelves near the front door for ammo, green herbs, and the upgrade, which will increase the Shotgun’s fire-rate.

Shell Holder: Shortly after the Hospital, you’ll enter Underground Storage. This area is a massive puzzle filled with enemies, along with some hidden items scattered around. This upgrade is located in the back of the warehouse near a staircase, after you fight some zombie dogs and one lone zombie. On the ground level by the staircase is a switch that will lower one of the lifts, opening a shadowy corner that holds a chest containing the Shell Holder. This upgrade will increase reload speed for the Shotgun.

Jill's magnum, found in the Spencer Memorial Hospital.
Jill’s magnum, found in the Spencer Memorial Hospital.

Jill’s Lightning Hawk

Extended Magazine: Shortly after finding all three fuses to activate the lift in Underground Storage, you’ll enter the command center for the area. Before examining the row of computers, check behind it, near the big window, to find a case containing the Lighting Hawk’s only upgrade. The extended barrel will decrease the gun’s recoil while also increasing its attack power.

Carlos' primary weapon.
Carlos’ primary weapon.

Carlos’ CQBR Assault Rifle

AR Scope: Shortly after arriving at R.P.D. Station, you’ll encounter a zombified Brad Vickers. While you can ignore him, taking him down will earn you the S.T.A.R.S. ID, which will open up locked chests throughout the station. The case with Carlos’ first weapon upgrade is in the West Office. To get there, you’ll need to head through Reception towards the north hallway. When you get to the area full of zombies, you’ll find doorways going to the R.P.D. Armory and West Office. Inside the office is a S.T.A.R.S. chest. Use the ID card you got from Brad to open it and get the AR Scope, increasing the accuracy for the rifle.

Tactical Grip: This upgrade is located in the Courtyard of Spencer Memorial Hospital. Upon getting to the second floor, you’ll find broken windows that allow you to leap down into the Courtyard, which has some additional items to pick up. The broken window by the door leading to the Nurse’s Station leads down to an area that has a green herb and a chest with the Tactical Grip. This will decrease the weapon’s recoil.

Dual Magazines: The last upgrade for Carlos is located in the safe in the Nurse’s Station. To open up access to the safe, you’ll need to get the combination key from a note in the surgery room on the first floor. To get access to this, you’ll need the Hospital ID from the Staff Room on the second floor. Read the note found in the surgery room to get the combination for the safe, which will unlock access to the Dual Magazines. This upgrade doubles the amount of ammo the rifle has in a single clip, from 32 to 64. | For convenience, if you want access to the safe, then the combination is left 9, right 3.

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