The Top 10 Cringe Moments in Esports

Name a more iconic duo than esports and cringe. In fact, just this past week, the internet collectively recoiled from the embarrassing Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch roster announcement video. It was actually so bad, that not only did the team delete it, it also inspired us to put together this list of the Top 10 Cringe Moments in Esports.

Footage courtesies (in order of appearance):

Intro: Philadelphia Fusion
Courtesy : Philadephia Fusion
Removed from Youtube by Philadelphia Fusion

10. HoN player interviews
Courtesy: HoNcast

Upload by Randy Esports

9.TL Player Intros G1 League
Courtesy: 17173, Beyond the Summit

Upload by Whitesummer3

8.IPL ad
Courtesy: IGN

Upload by Randy Esports

7. Fireside and Chill

Courtesy : Esports Arena
Upload by Esports Arena

Courtesy : Riot Games

Upload by Monstrous YI

5. I’m French
Courtesy : ESL

Upload by LeagueOfRyanW

4. Team Liquid Champagne
Courtesy : DreamHack

Upload by SC2HL

3. Are you ready
Courtesy : Counter Pit

Upload by SlaskProductions

2. Seagull handshake
Courtesy : ELEAGUE

Upload by Horsee

1. We are Fnatic
Courtesy : Fnatic

Upload by ABS7RVCT

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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