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The bond between ADC and support is crucial to a team’s success, and when they really mesh, it results in a dominant bottom lane. We picked five bot lanes that are the best in League of Legends history!

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All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games.

#5: The only Western bot lane on this list just happens to feature the best ADC and support that North America has ever seen. Often referred to as Rush Hour, Doublelift and Aphromoo played together on Counter Logic Gaming on and off over a three year period. Their aggressive style often netted CLG early leads and Doublelift would almost always come out of lane with a CS advantage. Despite playing second fiddle to TSM for a long while, in the 2015 Summer Split, led by Rush Hour, CLG finally won the LCS. Amongst NA bot lanes, Rush Hour was clearly the best, the most entertaining and they were also able to hold their own on an International level, which can’t be said for very many Western bot lanes.

#4: For a long while, WeiXiao was long considered to be the best player in the World. His Mechanics and team-fight positioning were top notch. Much of World Elite’s success in Seasons 2 and 3 came on the back of WeiXiao. Whether it was IPL 5 or WE’s Chinese dominance in 2013, WeiXiao was constantly the carry the team needed. His support through that time was FZZF. A solid support but this bot lane was largely top tier because of WeiXiao’s prowess. When World Elite fell apart in 2014, WeiXiao single-handedly kept them relevant in the LPL and is still considered by many as the best AD Carry of all time.

#3: The debate for best Chinese AD Carry often comes down to Uzi or Namei, but the latter never had the support talent that Uzi did. He’s played with Mata… and Tabe but Uzi was at his best when paired with Zero. Uzi was the first player to reach the World Championship finals in back to back years and it’s no fluke. In Season 4, Uzi found a support in Zero that could match his aggression. Whether Uzi brought out his patented Caitlyn or Vayne, Zero would play his poke style while still peeling for his ADC. The inventor of Velkoz support was a great match with Uzi and they dragged a questionable Starhorn Royal Club roster to the S4 Finals.

#2: The Season 3 World Champion bot lane from SKT finishes at number 2 on the list. At the time, many considered Piglet to be the best ADC in the world. And on top of that, for the six months that spanned the Worlds tournament this bot lane dominated the scene. Similar to Uzi, Piglet utilized hyper carries like Caitlyn and Vayne to perfection. When paired with Poohmandu, who specialized in mage supports, the result was high damage, high pressure bot lane combinations. On a team in which Faker stole the spotlight, Piglet and Pooh, the Hundred Acre Bot Lane, were able to get a share of the stage.

#1: Unlike any of the other bot lanes on the list, when Imp and Mata played together it could be argued that each player was the best at their position at that time. Their style was unique and as a duo their chemistry and teamwork were unmatched. Imp would constantly front-line on champions like Twitch, knowing that his bot-lane partner had his back. They were cocky and confident but constantly backed it up by stomping their opposition. Even against the best the world had to offer in Season 4, Imp and Mata led Samsung to the World Championship.


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