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Order Daybreak Arrives This July As Humanity’s Twilight Beckons

Order Daybreak, an upcoming action MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, breaks onto Android devices on July 20th. Humanity’s not doing so hot, but hey, at least you get to play as an Aegis Warrior, a fancy title for a glorified monster slayer in this sanctuary city. Forget going solo because this isn’t a one-person apocalypse. You’ll need to team up with other survivors, each with their skills to complement yours.

Dominate The Battlefield

Order Daybreak boasts real-time combat, so get ready to dodge, weave, and unleash a symphony of destruction on your enemies. Mastering the combat system is like learning a new language – the more you practice, the more fluent you’ll be in beatdowns. Every move counts, so strategize your attacks and watch the enemies crumble.

Choose Your Destiny, Slay In Style

Variety is the spice of life, even in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Order Daybreak offers a good helping of character classes, each letting you carve your path to glory. Fancy yourself a frontline fighter? Go for it! Do the shadows suit you more? There’s a class for that, too. Choose from the swift blade, slayer, or a gunslinger. You can revisit the character creator later if the urge to switch things up strikes.

Speaking of style, Order Daybreak also doesn’t force you to choose between looking good and protecting yourself. You get fierce and functional armor and ride into battle on customizable mounts that are equal parts excellent and apocalypse-ready.

Order Daybreak features cross-server play, which means you’ll get to team up (or throw down with) players from all over the globe. It’s a social apocalypse, filled with alliances that shift faster than the desert sands. Will you forge lasting friendships or leave a trail of rivals in your wake? The choice is yours. You can pre-register for Order Daybreak on the Google Play Store.

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