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Anime Defenders Gems Guide

Feature image for our Anime Defenders gems guide. It shows the skyline of the lobby.

The world of Anime Defenders runs on gems. They’re the fuel that powers your summons, so naturally you want to get hold of as many as possible, right? Fortunately, there are lots of different ways to get hold of them in-game. Some are easy, some are a little more tricky, but all of them are worth getting to know if you want as many tries at the summons as possible. Our Anime Defenders gems guide will outline every one that we’ve found.

Anime Defenders is out right now on Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Defenders tier list for the units you want to spend your gems on.

Anime Defenders Gems Guide

Let’s explain.

About Gems

Gems are the main currency of Anime Defenders. They’re used for Summons, with a Summon costing a grand total of 50 Gems each. As some of the best units are pretty rare, it’s best for you to get hold of as many as possible.

Ways To Get Gems

There are various ways to get extra gems in-game.

  • Playing Rounds – Playing the game is one of the most obvious ones, you earn gems by playing.
  • Codes – Enter promo codes from the developer and you can get some gems for your trouble. We’ve got an Anime Defenders codes guide to help out with that one, too!
  • AFK Zone – The orange portal in the lobby takes you to the AFK Lobby, an area that will accrue gems the longer you leave the window open. Make sure to hit the button to claim your gems at the end.
  • Group Reward – Join the official Roblox Group and interact with the mauve star in-game to get 500 Gems. You can leave the group right after with no ill effects.
  • Quests – Daily, Weekly, and Infinite Quests often reward in gems. Make sure to check the Quests window regularly and redeem gems for any targets you hit. It’s pretty easy to complete some quests without even knowing it.

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