Time was, your photo collection consisted of a couple of hundred pictures safely stored in frames and albums in your house. Now, it consists of thousands of pictures and videos on a device that you’re probably going to drop into a toilet at some point. 

Your memories are more vulnerable than ever, so you need a backup plan. Fortunately, EaseUS has spent the last 14 years perfecting the art of image and video recovery. That means not only retrieving lost files, but repairing damaged ones too. 

Founded in 2004, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free lets you recover over a thousand different file types, including documents, archives, and of course those all important JPEGs and MP4s.

It covers more than a hundred different scenarios, including not only the aforementioned toilet disaster, but also those moments when you accidentally tap “delete”, empty your recycle bin, or format your SD card without fully thinking through the consequences. 

We don’t know how, but EaseUS can get all that stuff back, and its services extend beyond damaged devices and deleted data to other forms of untimely file loss, including disastrous system crashes and file-infecting viruses. 

Best of all, it’s easy to use, thanks to a simple Windows Explorer-style interface, a stripped down three-step process, and a number of thoughtful touches – the product of EaseUS’s many years of experience in the marketplace. 

For one thing, EaseUS lets you pause import/export sessions so that you don’t have to wait ages for large drives and SD cards to be scanned.

For another, the software lets you recover data during scanning. While most recovery tools force you to wait for the whole scanning process to conclude before letting you know the results, EaseUS gives you back your stuff in real time. 

Other time-saving features include the ability to search for specific file types, tags for grouping particular kinds of content, and a handy preview feature that lets you know whether it’s worth embarking on a rescue mission in the first place. 

EaseUS is free to use for the first 2GB of data, but you can get the full version half-price right now by clicking this link for PC or this link for Mac.

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