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SCP Roleplay Ranks Guide

Want to know who’s who in the facility? We’re here with the info. Our SCP Roleplay Ranks guide goes over each of the roles, what they do, and how much XP you need to rank up.

SCP Roleplay is a Roblox game that takes you deep into one of the highly classified SCP Foundation facilities. Who are you? That’s up to you. You might be a security guard, a scientist, or a hapless Class-D personnel member about to be subjected to dangerous tests with unknown and unknowable entities.

You can play SCP Roleplay now on Roblox.

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SCP Roleplay Ranks Guide

Here we go over the roles and the ranks!

D-Class Personnel

One of the poor schmucks drafted in by the SCP Foundation for testing. Head into the main area, but don’t cross the red lines unless you want it to be open season for shooting at you. Scientists can recruit you for research tasks, and escort you out into restricted areas of the facility, but you might not like how the tests turn out.

There is another option though. Take a look under the ‘Chaos Insurgency header to find out about the alternate path.


  • Class D – 0XP
  • Dedicated Class D – 360XP
  • Adept Class D – 720XP
  • Advanced Class D – 1260XP
  • Veteran Class D – 1600XP

Scientific Department

The research staff of the SCP facility, it’s up to you to conduct experiments on the dangerous creatures that dwell inside containment. You won’t be engaging with them directly though, that’s for the D-Class to do. It’s your job to conduct tests and observe how things go.

You can authorize D-Class to leave their area with you, but you might want to take a guard with you, you have no weapons.


  • Intern – 10XP
  • Junior Researcher – 30XP
  • Researcher – 60XP
  • Senior Researcher – 180XP
  • Head Researcher – 300 XP
  • Assistant Board Director – 600XP
  • Board Director – 1200 XP

Security Department

The Security Department are one of the fighting roles of the facility. You’re armed, and you’re going to need it. Security need to guard researchers, deal with breaches, and show misbehaving D-Classes who’s boss.


  • Cadet – 0XP
  • Private – 30XP
  • Corporal – 60XP
  • Sargeant – 120XP
  • Staff Sargeant – 240XP
  • Lieutenant – 360XP
  • Captain – 420XP
  • Major – 720XP
  • Colonel – 900XP
  • General – 1200XP

Mobile Task Force

The elite troops of the facility, the Mobile Task Force are particularly equipped to dealing with the ghoulies and ghosties. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy though.


  • Recruit – 0XP
  • Operative – 30XP
  • Senior Operative – 90XP
  • Elite Operative – 180XP
  • Task Force Sargeant – 270XP
  • Taks Force Lieutenant – 360XP
  • Task Force Leader – 480XP

Intelligence Agency

Another combat role, these guys have a detector, which lets them see the location of players and NPCs through walls, that and weaponry of course. This rank unlocks with XP or a gamepass.


  • Entry Agent – 0XP
  • Field Agent – 30XP
  • Senior Agent – 90XP
  • Supervisor – 180XP
  • Senior Supervisor – 270XP
  • Lead Supervisor – 360XP
  • Intelligence Manager – 480XP

Internal Security Department

This role is here particularly to detect hidden threats in the facility population Internal Security have the ability to detect ‘rogues’ within the player base, and deal with them accordingly.


  • Entry Agent – 0XP
  • Field Agent – 30XP
  • Senior Agent – 90XP
  • Supervisor – 180XP
  • Senior Supervisor – 270XP
  • Lead Supervisor – 360XP
  • Internal Security Manager – 480XP

Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team’s job revolves around combat, but like the Mobile Task Force. You can unlock them through gaining XP, or unlock them with a gamepass.


  • Recruit – 0XP
  • Trainee Operative – 30XP
  • Tactical Operative – 90XP
  • Team Lieutenant – 180XP
  • Team Leader – 270XP
  • Squadron Leader – 360XP
  • Squadron Commanding Officer – 480XP
  • Commander – 600XP
  • Head Commander – 720XP

Chaos Insurgency

Here’s an interesting addition to the SCP Roleplay ranks. The Chaos Insurgency have one job – bring down the SCP Foundation. They’re armed, dangerous, and can hijack various functions across the facility. They can also deliberately free SCP creatures into the hallways.

You can become one by sneaking to the transformer room, breaking a wall and venturing out through the vents. Just be careful. It’s on-sight if you run into any facility combat ranks.


  • Conscript – 0XP
  • Trained Conscript – 30XP
  • Senior Conscript – 60XP
  • Alpha – 120XP
  • Beta – 180XP
  • Delta – 300XP
  • Cell Agent – 420XP
  • Cell Director – 600XP
  • Delta Command – 900XP
  • Gamma Command – 1260XP
  • Insurgency Command – 1800XP

Medical Department

Medics are there to maintain the health of everyone in the facility, including the Class-Ds. As a medic you also get access to the medkit, which lets you restore health a limited number of times.


  • Intern – 0XP
  • Junior Resident – 30XP
  • Resident – 60XP
  • Senior Resident – 120XP
  • Chief Resident – 180XP
  • Fellow – 300XP
  • Attending Physician – 600XP
  • Department Head – 900XP
  • Medical Director – 1200XP

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