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How To Build In After The Flash Wintertide – Getting Started

Tired of wandering the wastes of the Sunrise Isles? Looking to put down some roots? Maybe start a little farm of your own? Or maybe you just want to build a large statue of yourself and start aggressively demanding passersby worship it. We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to help. Our guide on how to build in After The Flash Wintertide will empower you to construct whatever your twisted little waster heart desires.

After The Flash Wintertide is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got an ATF Wintertide Summer Rain 2024 guide for the latest in-game event.

How To Build In After The Flash Wintertide

Let’s get into it.

How To Place Props

To start building you need access to the Prop Placer.

You find the Prop Placer on the sidebar, marked with the spanner and hammer icon. Hitting the button should bring up another window on the side of your screen. This should show all your available props. Use the search bar to find a particular prop if you need one. Anything you can’t use is highlighted in red.

Once you know what you want to place, select it from the prop placer. Then find a spot on the map to put it. Finally, place it with F (for keyboard users.) Well done, you’ve placed a prop!

How To Edit Props

Having second thoughts about where to place it? Tap the Edit button to enter Edit Mode. If you can’t find the button, hit Toggle Controls to reveal them, the shortcuts can be temperamental. Use Translate and Rotate to move the prop and change its rotation.

Once you’re happy with the placement of the prop, hit F.

How To Delete Props

If you want to get rid of a prop completely, hit the Delete button, select whatever you want gone, and hit F. Make sure you’ve highlighted the prop you want to disappear and not something you just spent several minutes carefully placing.

Keep in mind that any builds must that within your prop limit. You should be able to see this in your Prop Placer window.

How To Get More Props

Seen some other players building with more interesting materials? A lot of these come from prop packs. They’re available from the Shop for Scrap Pieces. Keep in mind some prop packs are limited edition, and not available anymore, so may be lost to you forever.

There are a few props you can earn in other ways though. For example, if you find some of the Second Sun Soda bottles hidden around the map, you get them as a tool to equip to your character, but also as a prop to place on the map to demonstrate your waster’s crippling soda addiction.

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