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Asphalt 9: Legends-Style Game Racing Kingdom Enters Early Access On Android

Are you a gearhead? Then, I have some scoop for you. There’s a new game on Android called Racing Kingdom by SuperGears Games. It’s in early access right now in the US, Mexico and Poland. It’s a car racing adventure where you can show off your driving skills and even build the car of your dreams.

Race And Build Cars In Racing Kingdom

In Racing Kingdom, you get to choose from a slew of real-world car models. And if you like to tinker and customise, you’re in for a treat. Pick a base model and go wild with modern upgrades to turn it into something amazing. You can tweak every detail of your car, from the colour to the license plate.

For the ones who love tougher challenges, the Build from Scratch system lets you create your own vehicle world. Collect parts, build your car and build your custom dream car. You can even restore legendary vehicles and make them gleam on the track.

Racing Kingdom is packed with tons of modes. The career mode in the Professional Drag League is for the long haul. It offers a chance to race rebuilt cars and climb the league ranks with sports channel-themed camera angles. It even lets you secure brand deals.

You also get timed events for quick thrills and lapped races for those who like strategy. The Turf War lets you compete in different areas. It’s a cool turf map race feature where you can claim parts of the map by setting personal bests.

The Rolling Race mode is a fresh take on racing on the highway. With the Throttle System, you adjust speeds to catch the perfect start. Then there’s the Restoration Mode where you take forgotten, unique vehicles and restore them to their former glory.

And the most unique feature of the game is this: You can bring a pet along for the ride, adding a bit of companionship to your races. They add a fun, interactive element whether you’re on the track or chilling in your garage. Check out the official Racing Kingdom trailer below!

Will You Race To Win?

If you’re in the US, Mexico or Poland, grab Racing Kingdom from the Google Play Store. It’s free to play and is the first title on Android by SuperGears Games. Also, be sure to check out some of our other news before leaving. Dog Shelter Is A Mysterious Tycoon Game Where You Take Care Of Your Pets.

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