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Anime Defenders Tower Of Eternity Guide

feature image for our aniem defenders tower of eternity guide which shows the golden tower of eternity with shiny lights from inside. it has rainbow lettering saying its name over the entrance of it at the front

This Anime Defenders Tower of Eternity Guide tells you what this brand new game mode is, how to join it and the rewards!

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Anime Defenders Tower Of Eternity Guide

The brand-new Tower of Eternity is a single-player experience to test your teams and planning. To prevent players with multiple accounts from taking advantage of this game mode, the player (not units) must be level 30. Unusually, a captcha code is required before entry too.

To start playing the Tower of Eternity, head over to the new golden castle within the game hub. In rainbow letters, it’s titled “Tower of Eternity” so you can’t miss it! On entry, a small cut scene plays and parts of the map crumble and a path is created. The enemy path is unique and changes every time you play meaning pre-planning goes entirely out of the window.

To defeat the Tower of Eternity, you must survive 15 waves of enemies with your units. Each wave offers different prizes, typically a sum of Gems and EXP until you reach the harder levels. I’d recommend placing your units close to the enemy camp to prevent them from getting too close to your base and defeating them as soon as possible.

Tower of Eternity Rewards

Testing your unit team builds in the Tower of Eternity is a great way to farm Gems and levels. Below is each reward bracket for the Tower of Eternity:

  • Floors 1 to Floors 15 – 110 Gems and EXP
  • Floors 16 to Floors 25 – 200 Gems, EXP and 1x Trait Crystal
  • Floors 26 to Floors 40 – 220 Gems, EXP, 1x Trait Crystal, 1x Risky Dice
  • Floors 41 and higher – 250 Gems, EXP, 2x Trait Crystal, 1x Risky Dice

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