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Anime Defenders Blizzard Winds Guide

This Anime Defenders Blizzard Winds Guide outlines the new Limited Banner including the expiration date, Pity system and new units and their evolutions!

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Anime Defenders Blizzard Winds Guide

As update 2 rolled out a refreshed Limited Banner has appeared! Lasting for 2 weeks and finalising on June 30th, 2024 there’s a total of 5 new units to pull. When the banner expires, these units will no longer be obtainable outside of trading (must be player level 10+ to trade!).

Thankfully, despite being a unique banner the Blizzard Winds doesn’t cost more than a standard banner pull. For 1 unit it will cost you 50 Gems, and 500 Gems for 10 consecutive pulls. Despite not getting a bundle deal, I’d recommend pulling 10 times as it’s more time-efficient and fills your Pity quicker.

Blizzard Winds Pity System

The Pity system does as the name implies. If you’re flat out of luck and not pulling for the higher rarity units, you’ll slowly build a Pity currency. Every unit pulled on a banner that is less than Legendary will add 1 to your Pity.

Anime Defenders offers two Pity systems, Legendary and Mythical. There is no Pity for Secret units since these are intended and remain the hardest units to get.

After 50x unit pulls you will receive the Blizzard Winds Legendary unit (Cursed Archer) on the next pull and your Pity will reset to 0. For the Mythic unit (Muscular Sorcerer) the Pity sits at 400x unsuccessful pulls.

If you pull a Legendary, Mythical or Secret unit whilst filling your Pity, the Pity bars will reset to 0 and restart counting per new unit purchased.

Blizzard Winds New Units

Let’s get into each new unit!

Fire Swordsman – Rare unit with an 82.5% pull rate

  • Deployment Cost: 350
  • Unit Type: Ground
  • ATK: Burn unit
  • No evolution

Blood Demon – Epic unit with a 15.25% pull rate

  • Deployment Cost: 850
  • Unit Type: Ground
  • ATK: Bleed
  • No evolution

Cursed Archer – Legendary unit with a 2% pull rate

  • Deployment Cost: 1,000
  • Unit Type: Hill
  • ATK: Bleed
  • No evolution

Beast Sorcerer – Mythic unit with a 0.25% pull rate

  • Deployment Cost: 1,200
  • Unit Type: Ground
  • Evolution: Monster Sorcerer using 1x Beast Sorcerer and 1x Spirit Pendant

The Rift Sorcerer – Secret unit with a ??? pull rate

  • Deployment Cost: 1,500
  • Unit Type: Hybrid
  • Evolution: The Rift Sorcerer (Awakened) using 1x The Rift Sorcerer and 1x Dimension Pendant

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