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Roblox Descent Monsters Guide

Feature image for our Roblox Descent Monsters guide. It shows a clipboard in-game giving details on the Fische monster.

Descent sends you down into spooky abandoned facilities to look for loot, with a crew of fellow scavengers, or all on your own. Well, not exactly on your own.. that’s the problem. Spooky things luck down in the chambers and hallways. Knowing how to evade them is key to getting back with the salvage rather than being at the bottom of the food chain. Our Roblox Descent Monsters guide runs over the different beasties.

DESCENT is out now on Roblox. If you’ve got monster trouble in other games, maybe try our guide on how to kill mutants in A Dusty Trip.

Roblox Descent Monsters Guide

So let’s get into all the lethal things keeping you company.. See what I did there?


Resembles a moving purple puddle of go with something that looks like the ‘lure’ of an anglerfish. They crawl around the floor at low level, and you can often hear the slapping, and splashing sounds of them before you see them.


  • Fische can hear footsteps if you’re not crouched.
  • It will approach the area it last ‘heard’ steps, but can’t perceive you if you’re crouched or still.
  • Stay out of the Fische’s way, even if it hasn’t detected you because contact will cause damage regardless.
  • Avoid dead ends when a Fische is nearby as its patrol might trap you.

Blue Monkey

These non-hostile robots look a little like toy monkeys, with blue paintwork and a permanent grin. They wander around the facility and sometimes carry items in their hands.


  • Blue Monkies do not post any threat.
  • They may carry loot which you can take.
  • Be careful when approaching that it’s not a Red Monkey and you should be fine.

Red Monkey

The Red Monkey is the angrier sibling of the Blue Monkey. These have a red paint job and respond quite a bit differently to your presence. If it detects you the Red Monkey will scream loudly, attracting other monsters.


  • Avoid the Red Monkey where possible.
  • If a Red Monkey activates, crouch and leave the area quickly, as monsters should move toward the noise rather than immediately towards you.


A shop mannequin with some especially nasty tricks up its sleeve, these things can only move when no one is observing them. As soon as no one is looking they pursue at great speed.


  • Make your way back toward the Elevator, keeping your eyes on the Mannequin at all times. This may involve walking backward.
  • Multiplayer groups can coordinate ‘watching’ the Mannequin to give the rest of the team time to loot while one keeps it still.
  • Beware of other monsters or even additional Mannequins moving into the area, as the situation can soon become unmanageable and deadly.


A large red creature with split arms and six eyes. This creature hunts by sight alone but is extremely fast and aggressive when it homes onto a target. It will become constantly aggressive when the lights power down, too.


  • Avoid the Barnabe’s line of sight as much as possible. It won’t hear your footsteps but it can spot you from a distance and will close the distance easily.
  • Use vents on the floor to hide if you’re far from The Elevator.
  • Heed low power notifications to avoid getting caught in a power outage.

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