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The Long Drive Roblox – How To Drop Items

Feature image for our guide on The Long Drive Roblox how to drop items. It shows the letter item lying on a road in front of a rusting road sign.

Inventory getting a little cluttered on your terrifying road trip? You’ve got bigger problems than struggling with useless items, so let us lend a hand. Our guide on The Long Drive Roblox how to drop items runs over what you need to know about ditching the junk so you don’t starve on the lonely road.

Want to start the drive? Check out The Long Drive on Roblox. Want something a little less intense? Try out Sol’s RNG Eclipse guide.

The Long Drive Roblox – How To Drop Items

Now, let’s get onto answering the actual questions.

How Can I Drop Items?

The answer here is different depending on whether you’re playing with a keyboard or a touchscreen, so we’ve split it up for this reason.

  • Keyboard – Hit Backspace while holding the item to drop it onto the ground. If you walk on it again you’ll pick it up again, so if you make a mistake and drop the wrong thing it’s not a huge deal.
  • Touchscreen – There’s currently no way to drop items with a touch controls. The developers have announced via the official Discord that they plan to implement the mechanic in future updates. In the meantime… hope your

Why Would I Want To Drop Items?

You risked life and limb at the hands of sinister-looking pig men to loot the items, why would you drop them? Well, The Long Drive only gives you pretty limited number of item slots to play with. You can’t store anything elsewhere, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Some items, like food and fuel, are things you need to survive.

Others, like weapons, first aid kits, and energy drinks, can help you out of a tight spot.

What Items Should I Drop?

Some items are more useful than others, and unless you have something special in mind then the items here are currently not worth the valuable inventory space.

  • Trash – This is pretty self-explanatory. There’s zero reason to keep this around unless you just love littering.
  • Sponges/Brushes – These do have a use. You can clean your car with them. Though you might as well just use them up and leave them. Anyway, who are you trying to impress? The Svintus? They don’t care.
  • Wrenches – Repairing your care sounds useful, right? Well in theory. Really all the wrench can do is re-attach your bumper if it falls off ramming an enemy

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