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A Dusty Trip Dog Tags Guide – How To Get The Humvee

Feature image for our A Dusty Trip dog tags guide. It shows a humvee in the game lobby, with an NPC in military fatigues stood next to it.

Looking to get your hands on the wheel of a hummer? Now’s your chance. The latest update gives you the chance to get hold of the iconic and hefty vehicle, but you’ll need to do a bit of legwork to get it. Fortunately, our A Dusty Trip dog tags guide explains exactly what you need to do to find the tags, turn them in, and get the humvee of your dreams.

Set off on A Dusty Trip on Roblox. Want some more about the game? Try our A Dusty Trip controls guide for some help getting started.

A Dusty Trip Dog Tags Guide

Let’s get into the details.

The Quest

Once you hop into the lobby you might see a new face. There’s a fellow in military gear standing next to a humvee. If you speak to him he will ask you to find 25 dog tags scattered out in the world. Do make sure you talk to him before you set off!

Finding Dog Tags

If you want those tags, you’ll need to get out on the road. Desert or Plains, it doesn’t matter too much. Choose which you prefer. Dog tags are found in buildings, often in amongst the assorted items and random trash.

If you find one, great! Just remember you lose items you’re holding when you die or end a run. To save them, you need to open up your backpack and put them inside. Don’t forget to do this or you’ll lose the tags you found!

Turning In The Dog Tags

It’s a good idea to turn in the dog tags from your backpack in between runs. Do this by speaking to the General in the lobby again. Even if you don’t have 25 tags, he’ll take the ones you’ve found off your hands and keep them safe as part of your total until you’ve made up the full amount.

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