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A Dusty Trip Radiator Guide – How And Why To Install The Radiator

Feature image for our A Dusty Trip radiator guide. It shows a disassembled car in-game with the radiator on the ground.

Is your trip a little warmer than you wanted, even for a desert drive? If your set of wheels keeps heating up then you might be short a very important part of your setup, the radiator. If you’re thinking ‘Isn’t that the thing on the wall that makes the room warm?’ then don’t despair. Our A Dusty Trip radiator guide will explain what the part does, and how to keep it running.

A Dusty Trip is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a guide on how to drive in A Dusty Trip for the basics of getting on the road.

A Dusty Trip Radiator Guide

About Radiators

A radiator is a part that keeps the car engine cool and prevents it from overheating. Without a radiator the engine will periodically overheat and force the car to stop until it cools off again, which isn’t a ton of fun, and a big problem if you’re running low on food!

How To Get A Radiator

Good news, there’s a radiator in the starting house! Only a basic one, but it will serve you fine. It resembles a flat rectangular box. Pick it up and take it to the car or van. It installs in the very front of the engine compartment, against where the grill goes. Hover over the area and hit F or equivalent when the prompt shows to install it.

Maintaining The Radiator

The radiator needs water to work. The default starts out full, but it will gradually lose water as long as the engine is on. You need to refill it by hovering over the radiator with a water container in your hand. As long as there is some water in it, it should keep doing its job. You may find upgraded radiators with bigger water capacities, so you don’t have to refill as often.

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