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The Opposing Fronts Expansion Is Coming to Company of Heroes on Android Early Next Year

Feral Interactive has announced that Opposing Fronts, the acclaimed expansion to the equally acclaimed Company of Heroes, will be landing on the Google Play Store early in 2021.

The Opposing Fronts expansion covers two key campaigns in the second world war: the British armored assault on Caen during the battle of Normandy, and the German Panzer Elite’s counteroffensive to prevent the allies crossing the Rhine and entering Germany.

As an added extra, Opposing Fronts will introduce the British 2nd Army and Panzer Elite into the base game’s Skirmish mode.

Company of Heroes is a superb WWII real-time strategy game that first appeared on PC in 2006. A port arrived on iPad earlier this year, followed by iPhone and Android ports. The mouse and keyboard gameplay of the original works brilliantly on touchscreen.

Opposing Fronts, meanwhile, originally appeared in 2007 as a standalone expansion. That means players didn’t require the base game in order to play it. On Android, however, it’ll be a DLC pack costing $3.99.

You can download Company of Heroes on the Google Play Store right now.

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