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SplitFire! Is a Frantic Split-Screen Multiplayer Shooter for the People in Your Bubble, Out Now on Android

SplitFire!, from Comyune Technologies, is a split-screen multiplayer shooter that sees two players competing on the same device.

The gameplay sees you and another player scrambling around for 30 seconds collecting weapons and other items before the round starts proper and you try to kill each other.

It’s a fun concept, presented in a winning neon pixel-art style. SplitFire! is ad-free and IAP-free, too, and it costs just 99c. And it’s one of those rare games that come to Android before iOS.

However, there’s a pretty big catch at the moment. The pool of people whom you can legally and safely ask to get close enough to you to play SplitFire! is potentially tiny.

In any case, you can download SplitFire! for 99c right now on the Google Play Store.

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