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Orwell’s Animal Farm Rises up on the Google Play Store

Orwell’s Animal Farm, the fasinating strategy adventure game based on George Orwell’s 1945 allegorical novella, is out now on Android.

Developed by The Dairymen, the game sees you running Manor Farm in the aftermath of a communist uprising conducted by Mr Jones’s disgruntled livestock.

You’ll need to make difficult choices in terms of resource-management and animal-management, all the while disseminating propaganda and devising laws to keep your egalitarian experiment alive.

Interestingly, the game’s blurb claims that “you may encounter situations very close to those in the book, or others influenced by events Orwell never lived to see.”

Of course, if you’ve read Animal Farm – or studied the Soviet Union – you’ll be well aware of how things turn out once communist principles collide with the reality of human (or porcine) nature.

Unless you can somehow make it work. To give communism a try, download Orwell’s Animal Farm right now for $3.99.

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