As we ease into August we’re forced to accept that summer is slipping away. What better way to soften the blow than with new games and bargains? This week brings a couple of interesting new titles, as well as a whole bucketful of bargains.

As ever, This War of Mine is worth grabbing cheap. Teslagrad is a must, too, and if you haven’t already got Kingdom: New Lands this is a good moment to rectify your error.

New Games

Gun Rounds is a quasi turn-based strategy shooter inspired by Downwell. It’s been out on PC for a while, with generally rave reviews, and it’s currently sitting on 4.9 stars on the Google Play Store. Pull the trigger.

Marvel Duel is part-battler and part-autochess, starring characters from the infinitely large and expanding Marvel universe. Unfortunately it’s not out everywhere – only Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines. and Malaysia so far, but a global release seems likely.

The Everlasting Regret is a slightly surprising addition to the Android library of Tencent, publisher of PUBG Mobile. Based on a classical Chinese poem, it’s a gorgeous, painterly puzzler with “oriental” puzzle-solving gameplay.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Neuron isn’t a game. It’s a companion app, designed to make your life easier while playing the Android Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG. It helps you with deck management, as well as simulating coin tosses and that sort of thing.


911 Operator is an award-winning time-management game in which you play as an emergency dispatcher – a brilliant premise that we can’t believe isn’t more common. You can pick it up right now for a song.

Based on a real life tabletop game, One Deck Dungeon fuses dungeon crawler with dice game, card game, action, strategy, and more. It’s a deep, well-regarded title and it’s almost half-off right now.

This War of Mine, from 11 bit Studios, is a bonafide modern classic. It takes deep, well-balanced resource-management gameplay and locates it in an unbearably bleak wartorn-setting in which you play as the civilians instead of the soldiers.

Evoland 2 is an ingenious RPG that sees you working your way forwards through time, from the 8-bit era to the more recent past. It’s a great premise, pulled off with class.

Teslagrad, from highly discriminating publisher Playdigious, is an acclaimed puzzle-platformer boasting hand-drawn art and inventive gameplay. It’s an absolute steal at 99c.

Planescape Torment is universally recognised as one of the best games ever made. It’s a classic western RPG built on the classic D&D mythology, and you can pick it up for just $4.99 right now.

Kingdom: New Lands, from publisher Raw Fury, is just $2.99 right now. The immediate forerunner to the recently released Kingdom: Two Crowns, it sees you laying down roots in a new territory in glorious 2D pixel-art style.

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