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Award-Winning Farming RPG Stardew Valley is Currently on Sale

Stardew Valley, the universally acclaimed farming RPG from developer ConcernedApe, is currently on sale. You can snap it up for $4.99 – a $3 discount on its usual price. 

One of the best loved games of its kind, Stardew Valley sees you moving to the countryside and building a life in your 16-bit home. That means growing crops, farming animals, starting a family, becoming an upstanding member of the community, and exploring your surroundings. 

Everybody Loves Stardew Valley

There are vast caves in Stardew Valley, containing monsters and treasure. Or, if that sort of thing doesn’t appeal, you can spend some time fishing or foraging. 

Stardew Valley was garlanded with awards and glowing reviews when it first arrived in 2017, including a Golden Joystick Award and a Bafta nomination.

You can get it cheap(ish) right now on Google Play.  

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