Rumble Stars Football Android

Rumble Stars actually launched last week on mobile, but seems to have totally flown under the radar. It’s a new silly physics soccer game by the talented developers behind Badland.

You’ll sling your Rumblers around the arena as you attempt to whack a ball into the back of the net. There are a wide variety of animal characters to unlock too, including a fox with a moustache in a top hat. What more do you want?

Rumble Stars features a wide variety of animal characters to unlock

There’s a whole league system to battle your way through. You’ll rise through the divisions and challenge the players at the top, if you’re good enough.

You can also create Clubs, which are like guilds, so you can join your friends. You can even play private matches with your club mates, which provides handy practice.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out Rumble Stars.

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