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How To Find The Floors Have Teeth Code

Had the weird mannequin trailer park puzzle left you stumped? We don’t blame you. The trailer park is a little more puzzling than previous places, but our guide on how to find the Floors Have Teeth code should put you on the right track.. for some terrible things to happen. Maybe walking back along the highway wasn’t such a bad idea.

Floors Have Teeth is available to play now on Roblox. We’ve also got a guide on how to play That’s Not My Robloxian.

How To Find The Floors Have Teeth Code

Right, let’s go over this step by step.

Head To The Shack

First think you need to do is follow where the creepy mannequins are pointing, over to a shack at the end of the trailer park. Inside, you’ll find some dog food. This should befriend the dog that block the other path. There are also some shapes on the wall, make a note of the order, you’ll need them, later!

Find The Hidden Tunnel

Once you have the dog food, head back and interact with the dog bowl. The dog will start eating and you’ll be good to go along the previously blacked path. Head to a building with a garage door and lift it to find a creepy-looking tunnel. Don’t worry, there’s nothing nasty down here.

Head in to find a locked locker and a piece of paper with shapes scribbled all over.

How To Get The Code

The important thing to remember is to click to interact with the paper. Ignore the shapes and numbers drawn on it, they’re not the right ones. Interact with the piece of paper and text will appear along the bottom telling you a shape and then a matching number.

Then all you need to do is take the shapes you saw in the shack, find the number that matches them, and enter the as a the combination.

For example, in our try. The Circle was 3, the Star was 9, and the Heart was 1. So our code was 391.

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