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Type Soul Ink Bankai Guide

Feature image for our Type Soul Ink Bankai guide. It shows a dark sky over Karakura Town.

Want a Shikai or Bankai that’s dark like your heart? The Type Soul Ink Bankai is a power that shows the pen is mightier than the sword, especially when the pen is a sword, too. This absolutely fiendish ability set lets you crush opponent’s ability to use their power, shut down their moveset, and even teleport behind them like a true anime villain.

And we’re here to tell you all about it.

Type Soul is out now on Android via Roblox. Want some more Type Soul? How about our Type Soul Clans guide.

Type Soul Ink Bankai Guide

Right, let’s get into the details.

About Ink

Ink is a Shikai and Bankai. It’s of the Legendary rarity, so you’ve got only a 3% chance to roll one of that rarity on receiving or enrolling your Shikai. So, if you’re desperate for Ink you might have to roll for a while.

Ink comes with its own unique Shikai weapon, the Paintbrush, which resembles a wooden naginata polearm with a one-sides blade at the end.

Achieving Ink Shikai unlocks two initial moves from the moveset, while achieving Bankai unlocks the full range of moves.

Ink Moveset

Ink has the following moves:

Possible Shikai Moves

You are likely to get two of these with the Shikai.

  • Wavefront – Forward melee strike with Paintbrush. Applies Ink to target.
  • Nameless – Melee strike that temporarily disables the opponent’s moveset on a combo hit, creating a ‘No’ sign in ink across the target.
  • Droplet – Turns into ink and travels across the ground, leaving a trail that applies Ink to any targets stood in the way.

Ink Bankai Moves

These moves are Bankai only.

  • Paint It Black – A black shrine rises out of the ground below the user on activation, forcing opponents in the vicinity to use twice the Reiatsu to use abilities. The user’s Reiatsu use is still the same
  • Black Ant – Melee strike with paintbrush that debuffs opponent.

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