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How To Meditate In Type Soul

If you want to reach the heights of progress as a Shinigami, you need to engage in a lot of self-reflection. Only through getting into contact with the spirit of your Soul Reaping weapon to unlock greater power. How do you do that? It’s all in meditation. In our guide on how to meditate in Type Soul, we go over how to meditate, and why you might want to get into it.

Interested? Then read on and seek out inner peace through… fighting your sword’s soul in your dreams. That’s Bleach for you.

Want to play Type Soul? It’s available via Roblox. We’ve got plenty of Type Soul content, too, with a Type Soul Arrancar Progression guide if you’re looking to go over to the dark side.

How To Meditate In Type Soul

Let’s get into the details.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a process you do as a Soul Reaper. It allows you to look into yourself, and eventually contact your Shikai and by extension Bankai, something that’s vital to further progression. So, if you want to advance as a Shinigami then you need to get to grips with the meditation mechanic.

How To Meditate

To start meditating, you simply need to hit M. That’s not all of it, though! Apparently, self-realization takes time, quite a lot of time.

To unlock the option to fight your Shikai and get your first set of Shinigami powers, you need to meditate for one hour in total, in three sessions of twenty minutes each. The upside of this? You can start meditating and just leave the game running while you wait.

Once you’ve got your hour in, meditate one more time and it’s time to face the spirit of your Zanpakuto in a boss fight… make sure you’re ready for that. It won’t be easy.

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