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Disney Mirrorverse is an Action-RPG Starring Amped-Up Disney Characters, Entering Soft-Launch Soon

Disney and Kabam have just announced Disney Mirrorverse, an action-RPG starring “evolved and amplified” versions of Disney and Pixar characters. 

Players will assemble teams of guardians and then chuck them into battles with AI-controlled teams and, presumably, other players in PvP. 

Here’s the Science Part

Disney Mirrorverse is set in a whole new universe which lies beyond the “Stellar Mirror”. We can probably go ahead and assume that it’s a parallel universe to this one in which everything broadly the same but also slightly different. 

Let’s go a step further and say that the big difference is that everybody is much more eager to fight.

Or not. In any case, the lucky citizens of the Philippines will be first to find out when the game soft-launches there in the coming weeks. 

You can sign up here.

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