Metal Slug Infinity is a brand new idle RPG that takes place within the Metal Slug universe. We have no idea why it exists.

It features all of your favourite characters from the franchise, including Marco, Tarma, Eri, and more. You have to collect them all and send them into battle against waves of foes.

Metal Slug Infinity is a free to play idle RPG out now

Again, you’ll recognise a bunch of bad guys from the series. There are rebels, guerillas, aliens, mummies, zombies, and a whole lot more.

Though, on paper, it does look like a bit of an insult to the franchise’s history, it actually is quite faithful. All of the sound and visual effects riff on the originals.

You can grab it right now on Google Play for free. We’re not sure if it’s any good but if you like the franchise it’s worth checking out.

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